[IOT] XMPP IoT SIG - Call for Participation

Peter Saint-Andre - Filament peter at filament.com
Mon Dec 12 20:52:35 UTC 2016

On 12/12/16 1:22 PM, Florian Schmaus wrote:

> Please use the following Doodle pool if you are interested:
> http://doodle.com/poll/y5d6h62y68gp3yf4. Note that we will close the
> poll by the end of the week. If you can't make it before Christmas, then
> don't worry: The next meeting will be in the second week of 2017
> (2017-01-09 - 2017-01-13). Please use the following doodle in for this
> time-frame: http://doodle.com/poll/b58st8u5yw3ipges.

Are all times UTC?

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