[jabberd] Re: Flash and Jabberd2

Justin justin-news at openaether.org
Wed Dec 22 19:42:36 CST 2004

Ned Wolpert wrote:
> Folks-
>   I was wondering if people knew the state of Flash and Jabberd2.  I'm under the assumption that unlike Jabberd 1.4.x, jabberd 2.x doesn't really support the use of a flash client as of yet. (Due to the funny way flash end its strings)  Can anyone give me an update?  I'm currently using 1.4 and would like to upgrade but I need to know if I have to port the flash code from 1.4 to the 2.x branch, or if someone has already used it.  We use the XiffLabs code base for the flash client.

The problem with flash, as I understand it, is that it terminates each 
xml doc with a null byte. This essentially makes it an embrace n extend 
proprietary 'xml', e.g. its not really xml at all.

The consequence to that is that jabberd2 would have to rewrite the xml 
handler (as was done with j1.4.x) to deal with the proprietary flash 
xml-look-a-like. This is extremely unlikely to happen.

I would not be opposed to a patch being written and maintained outside 
j2. You are more than welcome to do that.


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