[jabberd] 1.4 to 2.x

Willard Farqwark wfarqwark at airpirates.com
Mon Mar 13 11:45:05 CST 2006

On Monday 13 March 2006 09:22, Paul C. wrote:
> Its not being built by the same group of people.  I believe jabber 2.0
> strives to be more XMPP compliant (someone will probably correct me on
> this).  Jabber 1.4.4 does have the ability to use a mySQL and Postgres
> database, but we don't use it like that so I am not sure of its
> abilities in that respect.  Here is some text from ww.Jabberd.org:
> Please note that there are two different Jabber server implementations,
> that share the name "jabberd". These two implementations have a
> different codebase, share (nearly) no code, and have a different
> software design.
> Where one explicitly wants to refer to one or the other software, the
> terms "jabberd14" (this implementation) and "jabberd2" are used. This is
> because jabberd2 was originally intended to be the replacement of
> jabberd14. It was thought to become a rewrite of the original jabberd
> implementation. Therefore the first version number of jabberd2 was
> 2.0s1, while at the same time the current version number of jabberd14
> was 1.4.3.
> As jabberd2 is not able to replace jabberd14 in every situation, the
> development of jabberd14 continues and there are new versions of
> jabberd14 available. (See below.) Both implementations are different
> projects that continue to create a Jabber instant messaging server
> system. Both have unique features not available in the other
> implementation. On this site, you will currently only find information
> about jabberd14.
> Christopher Sean Hilton wrote:
> > On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 11:40 -0500, Paul C. wrote:
> >> http://www.jabber.org/admin/jsc/
> >
> > I should have asked what the differences were in the respective project
> > goals. I'm familiar with the feature differences. To me the biggest one
> > seems to be that the Jabberd 1.4 project supports and xml file storage
> > backend while the jabberd 2.0 project requires mysql or postgres or
> > something besided xml files. I say that having tried the xdb file
> > backend in jabberd 2.0 and never getting it to work.
> >
> > Regardless, I've used both jabberd 1.4 and jabberd 2.0 to the point of
> > stress testing/benchmarking both of them. I see considerable overlap
> > between the two projects and had assumed that they were being built and
> > maintained by the same group of people. With that assumption I don't
> > understand why there are two projects.
> >
> > -- Chris
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I undersand this all now.  Thanks for the clarification.
If I get it right, it like Chevrolet naming the Corvar to Corvette2 so not to 
have too many car names... and confuse people  They both have 4 weels and an 
engin  :)


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