[jadmin] Minimal Jabber server

Julian Fitzell julian-ml at beta4.com
Thu Mar 1 01:47:40 CST 2001

Don't know what that's referring to.. I'm running mine on RedHat 7.0 on an old Pentium 200 (MMX, though <grin>) with... umm.. 48M of ram I think... Works fine for a few users.


On 28/02/01 at 7:13 PM The Laptop Toting Assailant wrote:

>I don't know how much information you all have on this. But i am currently
>working to run a small jabber server on an old sparc 2 /64mb ram (RH5.2).
>The server compiles ok and everything, but when i run I get "bus error
>(Core dumped)" 
>After reading the "Jabber 1.4 HOWTO" I was rather dismayed to find that a
>"minimal system" usually starts with 256/512mb ram. Is there any way to
>cut down the amount of system requirements that jabber starts off with. 
>Such as with apache, you can set the number of servers spawned to a more
>moderate number. I am assuming that the "Bus Error" is being caused by the
>server attempting to allocate more memory than availible and thus crashing
>the server. 
>Perhaps someone knows enough about the internals to get this system
>running for ~20 users. Or maybe it just can't be supported...
>		Thanks for any help.
>			-PL
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