[jadmin] Jabber 1.4 and latest conferencing transport

Gordon Cunningham gcunnin2 at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 1 11:40:06 CST 2001

Observation:  Since the Jabber server has been overhauled and a new approach
was taken with 1.4, transports and especially clients are still playing
catch-up.  There are still problems with functionality not making it into
the clients, or not working properly.  I would suggest using different
clients in debug (full XML display) mode to determine if it is a client
issue or not.  For example, a client may not use the full name + resource
(Ex: myname at jab.mydomain.com/WinJab) when sending a message, as the server
should deliver the message to all connected resources under that account.

In using a variety different clients with the old 1.2 server, I found that
the clients were often the cause of some problems.  The client could bring
the server down in some cases, and some clients would freeze the computer
system when the server was brought down with the client still attached
(Windows).  So we have some improvements to be made.

FWIW, I'm using a sample client written in VB using JabberCOM, and the
latest WinJab, and they both work fairly well, although not all functions
are implemented.  I have had problems with JabberIM on all versions of the
server, but I'm not at the latest version of JabberIM at the moment, either.
Gordon Cunningham
gcunnin2 at bellsouth.net

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Thanks for your help.

> Neil -
> JabberIM is getting updated as we speak. Once the new version
> (1.5) comes
> out, you will be able to send/receive invites fine between Winjab +
> JabberIM. Not sure if Gabber supports invites (x-virge, are
> you listening?

Has anyone got a release date for this?

> Chat w/ me about this). The "new" version of the conferencing
> module allows
> you to browse public rooms using a browser, however, JabberIM will not
> support this. Right now, Winjab is one of the only clients
> that supports a "free-form" browser.

Winjab is not seeing rooms that I have created.  It is only listing the
two rooms explicitly defined in the config file.  Are there plans for
JabberIM to support free-form browsing?

One other thing I was wondering about.  It was my understanding that if you
were logged in from two different resources then messages sent to you would
appear in both jabber clients.  This does not seem to be the case...


> > The relevant bits of the config file:
> >
> > <conference type="public" jid="conference.jabber.cam.pace.co.uk"
> > name="Conferencing"/>
> >
> > <service id='conference.jabber.cam.pace.co.uk'>
> >   <conference xmlns="jabber:config:conference">
> >     <public/>
> >     <vCard>
> >       <FN>Public Chatrooms</FN>
> >       <DESC>This service is for public chatrooms.</DESC>
> >       <URL>http://jabber.cam.pace.co.uk/</URL>
> >     </vCard>
> >     <history>20</history>
> >     <notice>
> >       <join> has become available</join>
> >       <leave> has left</leave>
> >       <rename> is now known as </rename>
> >     </notice>
> >     <room jid="help at conference.localhost">
> >       <name>Assistance Zone</name>
> >       <privacy/>
> >     </room>
> >     <room jid="admin at conference.localhost">
> >       <name>Adminz only</name>
> >       <secret>con0r</secret>
> >       <notice>
> >         <join> just rocks!</join>
> >         <leave> gets lost</leave>
> >         <rename> feels it is more important to be known as </rename>
> >       </notice>
> >     </room>
> >   </conference>
> >
> <load><conference>./conference-0.4.CVS/conference.so</conferen
> ce></load>
> > </service>


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