[jadmin] user file corruption & caching

Arman Shah armanshah at mail.com
Thu Mar 1 11:45:29 CST 2001

I tried the timeout = 0 but had no success.

I am facing a similar problem with ICQ and MSN holding on to the
user/session through caching.

But, AIM on the other hand does release the user and their session, and
shows a '[AT] Closing down session ...' message.

Also, AIM sends a subscription of 'both' when I add a Buddy, whereas ICQ and
MSN sends a subscription of 'to' only. How can I change them to 'both' ?

Thanks for your help.
- Arman

Hrm, that's completely new to me, but I would love to get it figured out
ASAP.  Running the server with -D could you find a user that isn't
corrupt yet, and then save their XML file.  Get them to login and see if
it corrupts.  If it does we could examine the -D log (you'll need to
capture that:  jabberd -D > out.log or some such), and the two XML files
to try and figure out where this is happening.  Where did you put the
<timeout/>?  It needs to be inside the <xdb_file/> tag.    Example:

<xdb_file xmlns="jabber:config:xdb_file">
<spool><jabberd:cmdline flag='s'>./spool</jabberd:cmdline></spool>

If that still doesn't work try a timeout of zero.  That will never
cache, and as long as the server isn't too heavily used (logins and
logouts mostly) then it should be ok.


Jason Meyering wrote:

> We upgraded to the 1.4 jabber server about a week ago and we're running
> conferencing, AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo on a RH 6.2 box (transports are
> running as separate processes).  Since the upgrade, we've been getting
> several complaints from users (and this actually happened to my account
> morning) that when they try to sign on, they get an error saying something
> to the effect of "invalid username or password" even though they had just
> logged on earlier with the same login and pass.  So, I'd go take a look at
> their user.xml file on the server and find that it's pretty much
> hosed--either their user.xml file is completely empty, or it's missing
> tags like password and all their roster stuff.   I backed up all user
> accounts when we did the upgrade, so I manage to recover a somewhat
> version of their account, but when I replace their .xml file, they are
> unable to log onto the server (the same error comes up).  After repeatedly
> banging my head against the wall and getting some insight from some of the
> jabber.com developers, we determined that the jabber server is caching
> info and never seems to release that cache, so when a user account becomes
> corrupted, the server won't look to their "fixed" account until after the
> entire server gets killed and restarted.  It was suggested to me to add a
> <timeout>30</timeout> tag to my <xdb> section, but that doesn't seem to be
> fixing the problem at all--once an account gets hosed, it's hosed until
> next server restart which kinda sucks.
> So, my questions are:  1) has anyone else seen problems like this on their
> server?  2) what is the correct way to set the cache timeout?  3) Is there
> any other way to flush a jabber cache without doing a complete re-start?
> and 4) this probably requires a lot more info that I'm not providing, but
> any ideas on why various user accounts are getting corrupted or emptied?
> TIA for any insights.
> Jason

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