[jadmin] Re: Minimal Jabber server

Thierry Montigneaux tango.mike at free.fr
Thu Mar 1 13:32:24 CST 2001

> Sorry, I need to change the HOWTO text about system requirements -- I
> run a Jabber server on my P166 at home and it's quite happy. For 20
> users you won't need all that much RAM (you could probably get by even
> with 32 megs or something like that), unless their rosters are all huge
> like mine. :)

Here it's working really well on my Home Pentium 100 (OpenBSD), with 24 Megs
of RAM, conferencing, JUD, ICQ & MSN transports installed. Of course, it is
only a private server with a few users. I assume the RAM to become an issue
when the server load increases.

Congrats to the Team... It is really a nice piece of server you designed.
Keep up the good work.

Any info on an SMS-messenging transport under development ?


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