[jadmin] DNS problems

The Laptop Toting Assailant plarceny at semtex.iterror.org
Sun Mar 4 16:28:27 CST 2001

Yea, this is a DNS issue. The hostname given to you by xs4all.nl
is what's called a PTR record. Lets say you have an IP and I
want to find out what the "hostname" is of that ip address. (don't bother
with that address. it's RFC1918) you can use the "NSLOOKUP" command (under
unix) to find the reverse or PTR record for a given address. The other
hostnames you have configured (icq.ronsmits.org, msn.ronsmits.org etc) are
forward or A records. And are not dependant on the PTR record... 

See your ISP has "delegated" control over the network 172.16/12 allowing
them to set any PTR record they wish. (In this case eagle.xs4all.nl) What
you may wish to do, is request they change the "eagle.xs4all.nl" hostname
to the one your system reports it is to the jabber server. Or possibly
change your jabber server's hostname to eagle.xs4all.nl.

Hope this helps!


On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Ron Smits wrote:

> I am running a jabber server under my own domain (ronsmits.org) The 
> problem is that I am connected using an ADSL connection, The IP address 
> (a static one) is configured first off all by the ISP as eagle.xs4all.nl
> The DNS records for ronsmits.org are handled by another one of my 
> servers and the entries icq.ronsmits.org, msn.ronsmits.org and 
> yahoo.ronsmits.org
> all point to the correct IP address. It works great I use Jabber from 
> anywhere to connect to this server and have the same roster :) Kudos for 
> the jabber development.
> But.... update.jabber.org complains about the dns:
> 20010227T22:10:07: [alert] (s2s): We were told by update.jabber.org that 
> our sen
> ding name ronsmits.org is invalid, either something went wrong on their 
> end, we
> tried using that name improperly, or dns does not resolve to us
> how to resolve this?
> Ron
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