[jadmin] Capacity of Jabber Server 1.4 on Red Hat Linux

Morris Wong morriswg at glink.net.hk
Sun Mar 4 23:02:22 CST 2001

More questions on server capacity.

1. What is the config. of jabber server at jabber.com
   to handle 700 concurrent users?

2. Is there any information to run jabber server on
   cluster linux?

3. Is there any information available for load testing
   jabber server? 

Thank you very much!


> Morris Wong wrote:
> > Anyone has done a capacity estimation on Jabber Server 1.4?
> > I want to know how much concurrent user can be supported
> > by a Jabber Server 1.4 on a Linux machine. Is it only limited 
> > by the number of TCP socket that can be estimated?
> > 
> > A benchmark will be helpful. But a reasonable estimation is 
> > enough in my case. Please advice. Thank you!
> That's an excellent and frequently asked question.
> The short answer is that nobody knows for sure.
> I've heard estimates anywhere from 1000 users to
> 100,000 users simultaneously.  My own belief is
> that a typical P3 750 type PC is going to max out
> at around 2000 to 4000 concurrent users.
> I'd love to hear how many concurrent users other
> people have on their 1.4 servers.  At Jabber.com,
> we typically have a few hundred people online at 
> any given time, and as far as I know, we're the 
> largest Jabber server in the world.  If anyone out
> there has more than 700 concurrent users, then
> please speak up!
> Todd.
> ps.  Our server info, updated every 5 minutes 
> or so, is here: http://support.jabber.com/status.html

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