[jadmin] Virtual Domains

The Laptop Toting Assailant plarceny at semtex.iterror.org
Mon Mar 5 17:18:47 CST 2001

Sounds like another DNS issue...

you can just set multiple A records to the same host. However, the
internal jabber settings won't say it's a different host then say
jabber.ikano.com however. They can also type jabber.jandj.com and get the
same host via multiple A records to the same IP address.


On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Todd Miller wrote:

> We are currently creating a client that will be branded for our different
> partners.  We will be hosting and administering the server for all the
> partners.  Our wish is to have one server with many virtual domains.  For
> example the server may be Ikano.com, but clients will see it as Sisna.com,
> JandJ.com etc.  Is this possible?
> Thanks in advance,
> Todd Miller
> Programmer
> Ikano Communications
> toddmi at ikano.com
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