[jadmin] Capacity of Jabber Server 1.4 on Red Hat Linux

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	Which type cluster?If we use LVS(linux virtual server),I think we have a lot of work to do.Because jabber server do not support clustring internal.
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>Todd, thank you very much!
>I am looking for a workable solution to scale up
>the jabber server. Currently I am thinking to use
>linux cluster. With LDAP as the xdb, can the jabber 
>server run on linux load balancing cluster? 
>Since I am not familiar with the jabberd internal
>and the messaging, I don't know whether it is
>worthwhile to have a try.
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>> The hardware that runs Jabber.com is supposedly
>> a quad processor P3 from VA Linux.  I'm pretty
>> sure it's got Red Hat 6.2 (or VA's version of
>> that) as an OS.  I have never actually seen the
>> thing, so I'm not sure.  However, don't forget
>> that even if the hardware has 4 processors, the
>> Jabber server isn't taking advantage of them,
>> since it's not truly multithreaded.  I think it
>> has 512 megs of RAM.
>> I don't have answers to your #2 and #3 questions.
>> Todd.
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