[jadmin] Capacity of Jabber Server 1.4 on Red Hat Linux

Todd Bradley TBradley at jabber.com
Mon Mar 5 23:57:36 CST 2001

I don't know anything about clustering on 
Linux, but it's hard for me to imagine that 
it would gain you too much, since the server
application is single threaded (not the case
with the Jabber.com commercial server, of
course).  What's load would be balanced by
this "load balancing cluster"?

If you make it work, you could certainly 
write an intereresting white paper on the
project, so the rest of the Jabber commun-
ity could benefit.


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Todd, thank you very much!

I am looking for a workable solution to scale up
the jabber server. Currently I am thinking to use
linux cluster. With LDAP as the xdb, can the jabber 
server run on linux load balancing cluster? 
Since I am not familiar with the jabberd internal
and the messaging, I don't know whether it is
worthwhile to have a try.


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> The hardware that runs Jabber.com is supposedly
> a quad processor P3 from VA Linux.  I'm pretty
> sure it's got Red Hat 6.2 (or VA's version of
> that) as an OS.  I have never actually seen the
> thing, so I'm not sure.  However, don't forget
> that even if the hardware has 4 processors, the
> Jabber server isn't taking advantage of them,
> since it's not truly multithreaded.  I think it
> has 512 megs of RAM.
> I don't have answers to your #2 and #3 questions.
> Todd.

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