[jadmin] jabber in daemon mode

Chris McDonald phx-jabber at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 6 19:50:48 CST 2001

On Linux, I use the command "screen" to run jabberd.  Screen creates a
terminal within a terminal.  You can close the terminal window, and then go
back to it with screen -r <pid>  (-r = reattach).  Screen is a VERY powerful
command for running processes like that.  Don't know if it's in Solaris
though, you might be able to install it and go from there...  BTW, Don't
print the MAN page for it LOL it's around 65 pages long...

Chris McDonald
Phx-jabber at mindspring.com
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Hi all!

I'm trying to run jabber server 1.4 on a solaris (intel) but when i leave de
shell the process die.

I run with "nohup jabberd &", and die
i run with one shell script (&) and die.

What do i wrong?


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