[jadmin] "automatically managed and configured groups"

Schuyler Heath sheath at jabber.org
Wed Mar 7 14:15:29 CST 2001


This feature is implemented in mod_groups.  I just posted a document about it here:

You should read over the doc first, but basicly you would set up your config like so:

  <group id="ccare">


      <name>CCare dep.</name>





  <group id="blah">



I <require/> flag means all users will have this group in there roster. The group
admin could then add or remove users by sending browse sets.  I don't believe any
clients support browse editing yet (possibly WinJab?), but the XML would look like:

<iq type="set" to="host/groups/ccare" from="grpadmin at host">
  <query xmlns="jabber:iq:browse">
    <user jid="newuser at host" name="New User"/>

mod_groups builds group info off of data pulled directly from XDB and that found in the config.
So you could change you're current XDB script to support groups, as you say it would be simpler
then your current method.  But it might be even simpler to write a basic client that does group
editing like above *shrug*.

Also, if you're going to use mod_groups you need the latest copy from CVS.  I added some important
features since 1.4 and fixed a few bugs.  Be advised, mod_groups hasn't been heavily tested, it's
sill somewhat experimental.


On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 01:55:49PM -0500, Alan Jaffray wrote:
> The 1.4 server announcement on jabbercentral.com says:
> > New administration features in 1.4 include:
> > - users can have certain groups in their roster that are automatically
> >   managed and configured
> What is this feature?  How does it work?  I can't find documentation
> on it anywhere.
> We have about 150 users, and we want everyone to have everyone else in
> their roster, sorted into groups by department.  Using Perl to mangle
> the spool files and insert roster entries whenever we create new users
> is a pain.
> It'd be much cleaner if we could put <servergroup name="CCare"> in
> someone's spool file and have the 40 members of CCare all appear in that
> person's roster, with <group>CCare</group> in each roster entry, and be
> able to update that group by just editing groups/CCare.xml on the server
> side.  Or something like that.  It sounds like this functionality might
> be what the announcement is talking about, but I can't tell for sure.
> Alan
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