[jadmin] Re: [JDEV] jpolld directory

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Mar 12 11:40:48 CST 2001

Jau-Lung Huang wrote:
> Hi...
>     Did somebody know that where the jpolld's cvs directory go ?
>     I can't get it in http://download.jabber.org/cvs/ ???
>    Thanks Help !!
> Jau Lung Huang

My understanding is that jpolld was put into CVS in error -- it was code
that was developed by Jabber.com specifically for a certain customer of
theirs and was not supposed to be available for public use at that time.
I'm not sure when/if this code will be made publicly available -- I
suppose that depends on what that company wants to do. However temas is
developing an open-source component for Linux that will do socket
management, he talks about it here:



Peter Saint-Andre
stpeter at jabber.org

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