[jadmin] Defining a new component in jabber.xml

Chris Schultz chris.schultz at jrti.com
Tue Mar 13 00:36:17 CST 2001

The Perl Net::Jabber::Component docs define two types of connections: 

- opens a connection to the server based on the value of connectiontype.
The two valid settings are:

	accept - TCP/IP remote connection (default) 
	exec   - STDIN/OUT local connection

If accept then it connects to the server listed in the hostname value,
on the port listed.  The defaults for the two are localhost and 5222. 
The secret is the password needed to attach the hostname, and the
componentname is the name that server and clients will know the
component by (both used for security purposes). If exec then the module
reads from STDIN and writes to STDOUT.  The server will start the script
at run time and will restart the script if it exits or dies.  No secret
is needed since this configuration is specified by the server admin and
so it is assumed that they trust your script.

for the complete documentation)

Would someone mind posting the syntax needed to tell jabber about either
type of component?  I'd prefer the exec method but apparently the <load>
tag expects a shared object and not a Perl script.  Unfortunately, all
of the standard transports use DSO's so their configs don't apply (or at
least I don't think they do).

In the same vein, are all possible tags in the jabber.xml documented


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