[jadmin] Parent PID change causes jabberd to terminate

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Mar 13 21:51:05 CST 2001

There is a patch for this bug and it is fixed in CVS. So either install
the CVS version or apply the patch, which may be found here:


I'm working on an updated FAQ even as we speak, I think I need to add
this question to the FAQ.... :)


Peter Saint-Andre
stpeter at jabber.org

Paul Winkeler wrote:
> Using jabber 1.4 under Linux 6.2 is working fine.  However, as soon as I
> exit the shell from which I fired up the jabberd process, this process
> too exits with the message:
>     Parent PID has changed, Server Exiting
> Does anyone know why it does this?  I found the code where this decision
> is made and it is easy enough for me to disable the check.  Before I do
> so, I would very much like to know why it was out in there in the first
> place.
> Thanks!
>  PaulW

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