[jadmin] Message caching within Jabber server?

Randall Severy severy at cyberteams.com
Wed Mar 14 07:33:06 CST 2001

      After getting all of the Jabber transports working on a local Jabber 
server (1.4) about a week ago, I turned off all of my old IM clients and 
started using Jabber exclusively.  In the past couple of days, however, I 
have run into some problems with missing messages, where someone would ask 
me "did you get my ICQ message from yesterday afternoon?" and I would 
report that I didn't.  After several such incidents I have detected a 
pattern: most of the missing messages appear to be sent right around the 
time that I am disconnecting my dial-up connection to the Internet, and 
hence disconnecting my Jabber client from the Jabber server, which is 
hosted elsewhere.  I have not normally logged off from the Jabber server, 
but simply disconnected the dial-up connection (with a dial-up connection I 
don't always have the choice of logging off gracefully...).

      My guess is that the Jabber server still thinks I'm connected for a 
while, and continues to accept incoming messages from the various 
transports until it figures out that I'm no longer connected.  What happens 
to those messages?  Are they supposed to be queued up in the Jabber server 
until the next time I'm connected?  Or do they just get tossed in the bit 
bucket?  I have noticed that if I am fully logged off from the Jabber 
server that I will get messages sent while I'm offline, but I think that's 
because the original IM system queues them until the Jabber server reports 
that I'm online.

      Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Is this a known issue?


Randall Severy

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