[jadmin] Re: jabberd tries to communicate with jabber.org (Maciek Borowka)

dave_parkes at uk.ibm.com dave_parkes at uk.ibm.com
Thu Mar 15 03:54:29 CST 2001

     the following snip from the archives shows how to deal with a
troublesome domain.
In my experience both JabberIM and Winjab send a packet to
update.jabber.org.I believe they are checking for newer versions of the
client. Neither client gives you the option to turn this behaviour off.

     Interestingly I tried DJ Adams method and it worked for me. I haven't
tested Schuyler's method yet.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 10:05:00PM +0000, DJ Adams wrote:

> <service id="update.jabber.org">
>   <host>update.jabber.org</host>
>   <!--sound of data disappearing-->
> </service>

This is the sound of data leaking :)  It really should cause a delivery
but it doesn't because of a small bug.  The proper way is:

<service id="update.jabber.org">



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