[jadmin] jabber in daemon mode (Solaris)

Jeff Tharp jtharp at esri.com
Thu Mar 15 19:55:39 CST 2001

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Andoni Ayala wrote:

> Yes,
> screen command not found in solaris.
> Anybody know how i can fix this bug?
> or if any have running jabber server in solaris, please tell me how run it
in background. Thanks

I set up the Jabber 1.4 server on my Sparc20, running Solaris 2.8.  Here's
the scripts I use, and it seems to work fine (except for a lot of text gets
sent to my terminal window from Jabber--but this helps in debuging :)  My
server is installed to /usr/local/jabber-1.4 (with /usr/local/jabber as a
symbolic link :) and runs under the user jabberd.  Each transport is started
as it's own process.  And don't worry about the hostname, it's an internal
box behind a firewall :)

contents of /etc/init.d/jabberd:
# Start/stop Jabber Daemon


case "$1" in

	/bin/rm -f ${PIDFILE}	
	su jabberd -c '/usr/local/jabber/startup'

	/usr/bin/pkill -9 -x 'jabberd'

	echo "Usage: $0 { start | stop }"
	exit 1
exit 0

(I have S89jabberd in /etc/rc3.d linked to the above so it auto starts at

contents of /usr/local/jabber-1.4/startup:
# Startup JabberDaemons


./jabberd -h limbo.esri.com &
./jabberd -c /usr/local/jabber/judserv.xml -h users.limbo.esri.com &
./jabberd -c /usr/local/jabber/confserv.xml -h conference.limbo.esri.com &
./jabberd -c /usr/local/jabber/aimtrans.xml -h aim.limbo.esri.com &
./jabberd -c /usr/local/jabber/icqtrans.xml -h icq.limbo.esri.com &
./jabberd -c /usr/local/jabber/yahootrans.xml -h yahoo.limbo.esri.com &
./jabberd -c /usr/local/jabber/msntrans.xml -h msn.limbo.esri.com &
./jabberd -c /usr/local/jabber/irctrans.xml -h irc.limbo.esri.com &

hope this helps,
Jeff Tharp
NT/Unix Admin
ESRI -- Redlands, CA

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