[jadmin] ICQ problems

Dougal Campbell dougal at gunters.org
Fri Mar 16 09:45:13 CST 2001

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, Jason Meyering wrote:

> Here's a little snippit from the discussion on
> http://perl.jabber.org/logs/conference.jabber.org/jdev/2001-03-15.html
> yesterday:
> [16:21] <emc3> icq-t is the hot topic today :)
> [16:22] <Danito> emc3:))
> [16:22] <scott> Yes, but haploid saved us all!
> [16:23] <reter> icq transport don´t wprk fine
> [16:23] <scott> Mine works great. The IP it connects to needs to be changed.
> [16:23] <emc3> It works if you override the hard-coded server address :)
> [16:23] <scott> It's currently set to xxx.xxx.xxx.104. Make the last number
> 99.
> [16:24] <emc3> And if you add a <server/> entry to your jabber.xml, you
> don't have to recompile the transport.
> I wasn't able to fix my icq-t with the <server> tags (jabber always
> complained--not sure where to put them.  Anyone know?) but changing the
> hard-coded IP in icqtransport.h and re-compiling worked for me.  It's
> unfortunate that ICQ-T uses a hard-coded IP, but for the moment, it's
> working.  If someone else knows the placement of the <server> tags, that
> would be a much better fix.  Good luck.
> J

You add the <server> tag to the <service id="icq.myserver"> section of
your jabber.xml. For reference, here's what I have in mine:

        <service id="icq.gunters.org">
          <icqtrans xmlns="jabber:config:icqtrans">
            <instructions>Please enter your ICQ number (in the "username" field
            <search>Search for ICQ users</search>
              <FN>ICQ Transport</FN>
              <DESC>This is the ICQ Transport</DESC>

The <server/> entry will override the
  #define DEFAULT_ICQ_HOST ""
line in icqtransport.h file.

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