[jadmin] alert messages after starting up jabber server

John Hebert john at vedalabs.com
Fri Mar 16 10:05:44 CST 2001

aldo wrote:

> Hello,
> I installed jabber-server in a Redhat 7 machine.
> I received the following message after starting the server.
> [alert] (s2s): we were told by update.jabber.org that our sending name
> localhost is invalid, either something went wrong on their end, we tried
> using that name improperly, or dns does not resolve to us.
> I can't detect my mistake. Can someone help me?
> Thank you
> aldo gentile

You need to change the line:

<host><jabberd:cmdline flag="h">localhost</jabberd:cmdline></host>

and replace 'localhost' with the domain name of your server. Or, you 
could start jabberd like so: 'jabberd -h server.name.tld [-D]'

If you are behind a firewall and do not have a fully qualified domain 
name, you can still use your domain name but you will receive some error
messages from update.jabber.org. Don't worry about them, jabberd will 
run normally.

John Hebert
System Engineer
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