[jadmin] RE: Troubles with SSL

Vladimirr vlary at chat.ru
Mon Mar 19 02:06:12 CST 2001

  In addition to my last post for this subject
  I have some confirmation that SSL connection failed
due to some timeout between transfer connection from usual TCP
socket to SSL. I left my WinJab client trying endlessly connect
to SSL port 5223, and after about a hour of attempts it established 
SSL communication, and  establishing, remains online for hours.
   I don't know, where is error, in mio.c or in mio_ssl.c.
 I'm not an expert in C programming. I hope that authors of 
communication part of Jabber will give me advice how change
code for increasing timeout or something else to make connect stable.
Or may be it is possible to make using jabber.xml?
As I know, it is not only my problem.

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