[jadmin] Is it WinJab or jabbercom.dll bug?

Vladimirr vlary at chat.ru
Tue Mar 20 02:23:39 CST 2001

    We are using WinJab as Jabber 1.4 client.
When sometimes because of some reason jabber server goes down,
client instead of normal behavior (trying reconnect some times,
then go to disconnected state, as most clients, like ICQ, do),
it hangs itself, resulting in multiple Windows system error messages
 and even sometimes crushing a Windows,
even CTR-ALT-DEL is not working and computer must be restarted
by reset or power cickling. 
  Is it a known problem (I think so, because we have it on
diffrent Windows computer, runnig this client) and what could
be done to solve this problem?

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