[jadmin] Which Jabber client for intranet?

kadokev at msg.net kadokev at msg.net
Tue Mar 20 13:03:44 CST 2001

Can anybody recommend a good (stable) Windows 95/98/2000/NT client which offers
an easy means to pre-configure the client to connect to my intranet jabber
server? Or a reliable Windows client with source code available?

We've been testing _all_ of the various MS-Windows clients, and so far every
one has exhibited rather serious bugs. I am willing to report bugs to each
client's developers as I find them, but perhaps we need a new Jabber.org
discussion forum (in addition to 'client development'), a forum for feedback
from end users on the various clients, bugs, etc.

So far, only 'JabberIM' is anything close to being stable enough for me to
suggest using it for anything resembling 'production'. The client works
great for normal chat and conferencing, but I could not use JabberIM to
register for ICQ- half the time in Preferences->Services->ICQ Transport,
the labels to the left of the fields come up as blank boxes.

Kevin Kadow
MSG.Net, Inc.

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