[jadmin] ICQ transport

Fernando Medina, Jr. fmedina at nic.pibnet.com
Tue Mar 20 18:13:38 CST 2001

thanks to thos who helped with my jabberd quitting after ending telnet session.  that is solved.  Now moving up incomplexity, I was trying to install ICQ transport.  I compiled ICQ transport.  When I try to add iCQ user in WinJab client I get server eror: 

Could not contact this agent. It is possible the agent is not operating

in the log I saw:

20010320T23:59:58: [alert] (icq.MYINTERNALDOMAIN.com): hostname maps back to ourselves!
20010320T23:59:58: [notice] (icq.MYINTERNALDOMAIN.com): failed to establish connection
20010320T23:59:58: [notice] (icq.MYINTERNALDOMAIN.com): bouncing a packet to icq.MYINTERNALDOMAIN.com from fmedina at dns01.MYINTERNALDOMAIN.com /Work: Server Connect Failed

I created a CNAME for my server dns01 that was called icq, so that I could use that, but I guess I am supposed to connect to external iCQ server, which one?

Browse part:

<service type="icq" jid="icq.MYINTERNALDOMAIN.com" name="ICQ Transport">
<!-- <ns>jabber:iq:search</ns> -->

Service part:

<service id="icq.MYINTERNALDOMAIN.com">
<icqtrans xmlns="jabber:config:icqtrans">
<instructions>Please enter your ICQ number (in the "username" field),
nickname, and password. Leave the "username" field blank
to create a new ICQ number.</instructions>
<!-- <search>Search for ICQ users</search> -->
<FN>ICQ Transport</FN>
<DESC>This is the ICQ Transport</DESC>

How do I know if ICQ module was loaded by jabberd?
any ideas? thanks,

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