[jadmin] Jabber 1.4 Questions

ziviz ziviz at verinet.com
Wed Mar 21 20:38:00 CST 2001

	I have a few quick questions that I haven't found the
answers to in the Howto or the list archives...I'm running
Jabber 1.4 on a RH 6.2 box, and using WinJab as a

	1) Password encyrption. Currently user passwords are 
stored in clear text -- temas suggested "Login using 0K 
authentication.  Then it will only store a token to your 
password." WTF is 0k auth and how do I use it? :P

	2) Is there any special magic needed to get the ICQ
transport working? I've got it installed (0.9) and it's 
showing up as a transport, but I can't use it -- when I 
try to logon to a test account, I end up getting a "Request 
Timeout" error. All of my other transports (yahoo,
AIM, MSN) work great :)

	3) Is it possible to set up some sort of new user
authentication -- i.e., the administrator has to approve
the inital request to connect to the server?

	Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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