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Daniel togrok at gmx.net
Thu Mar 22 02:31:34 CST 2001

Hi Peter,

4.2. I'm behind a firewall and don't want any traffic to get out, how do
I do that?

Comment out or remove the <service id="dnsrv"/> and <service id="s2s"/>
sections of your jabber.xml file. Since now you don't have a
server-to-server (s2s) component and can't do DNS lookups of other
domains, any messages sent to other servers will be ignored. (You'll
still see attempts to send messages to addresses at update.jabber.org
whenever users log in, but those are just Jabber clients seeking
information about the latest available version, and can be safely

What about describing how one can stop the attempts to send messages to
addresses at update.jabber.org ? This fills my log files. Is it possible
at all to switch off?


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> I finally added some content about the 1.4 server to the Jabber FAQ at
> http://docs.jabber.org/general/html/faq.html -- let me know if I
> important topics (which I'm sure I did, such as info about adding SSL
> support).
> Peter
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