[jadmin] AIM transports

John Hebert john at vedalabs.com
Thu Mar 22 11:30:58 CST 2001

Tim Ferguson wrote:

> Alright, I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing postings about this, but I have
> downloaded aim-transport-0.9.8 and I am still seeing the same problems.  How
> do I know if my IP has been blocked?  I would assume if it is blocked I
> would not be able to login at all rather than the momentary login that I
> get.  If my IP address is not blocked then I would assume that AOL has found
> yet another way to cause headaches for Jabber.  Can anyone else explain
> this?  I am happy to send my current debug output to anyone if they want to
> see it.
> Thanks,
> Tim Ferguson


The current consensus in the jdev chat room on conference.jabber.org is 
that IPs aren't being blocked, but the protocol is being changed by AOL. 
That of course may change per AOL's whim at any time.

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