[jadmin] updated FAQ

Robert Fargher rob at stratabase.com
Thu Mar 22 15:42:05 CST 2001

On Thursday 22 March 2001 11:41, you wrote:
> > <ssl port='5224'></ip>
> That's bad XML. Change "</ip>" to "</ssl>"
> The README needs to be fixed for that....

Aha!!  Thank you, I can't believe I missed that; you don't know how many 
times I looked at that without seeing it.

  Mind you, in my defense, I cut 'n pasted it from the example in the 
distributed jabber.xml and only changed the IP address.  In the distributed 
jabber.xml file, the examples (on lines 345 & 346) are: 
      <ssl port='5223'></ip>
      <ssl port='5224'></ip>

Thanks, Peter.


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