[jadmin] Removing accounts

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Fri Mar 23 11:48:41 CST 2001

You might want to try the protocol way.  In an iq:register send a <remove/> 
flag with the <key/>.  That might have some krufty code though.


On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 09:22:41AM -0800, Chris Stone wrote:
> Is there more to deleting a user account from the server than just 
> removing the user.xml file from spool/jabber.my.domain/ ? When I try 
> this, I still can't reregister a user with the name of that "deleted" 
> account -- it still sees it as already registered.
> Server 1.4 with JUD and conference.
> Thanks...
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