[jadmin] AIM transports

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Fri Mar 23 11:58:24 CST 2001

You'll note that GAIM OSCAR is now blocked (until their pre8 release).  As for
TOC, I will possibly consider a move to this for a short time if they continue
to use client information filterring or other protocol changes.  Although I 
fear they will begin to mess with TOC at that point.  Another reason to not
move to TOC is that it is a mostly dead project.  It has been down for days at
a time, and has even lost features in comparison to OSCAR which continues to

A note to the others.  If you want to check if you have an IP block perform
this in the shell from your aim-t server:

telnet login.oscar.aol.com 5190

If the connection is refused you are blocked via firewall, please let me know
if this is the case.  I'm keeping a master list of blocked people.


On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 01:13:59PM -0500, Nathan J. Mehl wrote:
> In the immortal words of John Hebert (john at vedalabs.com):
> > 
> > The current consensus in the jdev chat room on conference.jabber.org is 
> > that IPs aren't being blocked, but the protocol is being changed by AOL. 
> > That of course may change per AOL's whim at any time.
> That being the case, perhaps it might be time to recode aim-t to use
> TOC instead of OSCAR?  It's not like it's actually using any of
> OSCAR's functionality anyways, and I note that GAIM has kept working
> right on through this mess...
> -n
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