[jadmin] new intranet server comm prob

David Iodice diodice at cfl.rr.com
Fri Mar 23 14:47:58 CST 2001


I downloaded and installed the jabber1.4 server and followed the How-to up
to the part about being able to use my favorite jabber client to connect.
This was on an intranet (192.168.x.x variety) behind a router connected to
an ISP.

Well, I have a win98 laptop on this internal network and installed WinJab
version I entered a new profile selecting user name password host
of -- the RH7 Linux machine that has jabberd running --  and
checked the new account box.

Selected OK and I get an error -- could not connect to the server

Attempting to Connect to
Disconnected from Server!
COMM ERROR: Could not connect to the server. (0)
Pausing 5 secs. before reconnect Attempt

I saw where there was another user having problems with winjab connecting in
their install but did not see an answer.

Any help is appreciated -- I know its probably something easy.

BTW I could connect winjab to the jabber.org server



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