[jadmin] LDAP?

Daniel togrok at gmx.net
Sat Mar 24 16:17:42 CST 2001

Hello dj,

Thanks for your answer.

From: "DJ Adams" <dj.adams at pobox.com>
> Unless I'm mistaken, the JUD is just a database of jabber users/ids. 
> An entry in here doesn't mean that an account is set up.

Got it. Hmm.. but it would be possible to generate accounts only
together with a JUD entry? Could that be forced?

> > Is this possible? (or is there a way to generate an LDAP
> > query and setup a jabber account for each found 
> > user (from LDAP query)?
> Well, sure. All the tools are their in their basic form: LDAP
> query, Jabber protocol libraries, and so on. FWIW, I've written
> a Jabber transport so that you can search LDAP servers using
> the user search facilities in Jabber clients. Just point the config
> at an LDAP server and away you go! 

I have not found that transport. Is it available already?
I would be very interested.

> > I also found that adding jabber users to my client (WinJAB 
> > or JabberIM) is simple if I know the jabber ID.
> > I have not found a way to *browse* the JUD. (Perhaps 
> > I should closely RTFM?) Searching is ok, at least 
> > with JabberIM.

> ... I'm not sure what browsing would bring, apart from a big iq 
> response ;-)

Well.. at the moment there are only a few jabber accounts set up
on my test machine. A virtual team is testing it, and we need to know
each others exact jabber ID before being able to add that user.
It would really hep if I could browse the list of accounts.
Ok. I could have a look in the spool directory....

Or.. is there any way to configure the server (or client) to allow
searches in the JUD with regular expressions? 



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