[jadmin] Removing accounts

Oliver Jones oj at world.std.com
Mon Mar 26 17:00:01 CST 2001

At 01:02 PM 3/26/01 -0600, Dustin Puryear wrote:
>Does the server keep each user's xml file open? If so deleting it on the
>file system doesn't actually "delete" it, it just unlinks it. The file
>is not gone until the last process has closed it.

There's a cache in the xdb_file module. You can disable it by setting the 
timeout value to zero in the xdb_file stanza of your config file.

><xdb_file xmlns="jabber:config:xdb_file">
>    <spool> ... </spool>
>    <timeout>0</timeout>

You definitely want to do this if you're going to try to manipulate these 
.xml files from outside jabberd.

Ollie Jones

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