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kadokev at msg.net kadokev at msg.net
Tue Mar 27 21:08:06 CST 2001

> I am in the process of configuring the Jabber Server and I was wondering if 
> anyone knew about or had developed a method to screen people who register 
> with the server. In other words -- instead of automatically accepting a new 
> user, having the server wait for an administrator to approve them... Is 
> there an easy way to do this or will I need to learn the nuts and bolts of 
> the server and brush up on my XML? Unfortunately I cannot just add approved 
> IP addresses because some of the clients will be from dial-up systems with 
> non-static IPs.

What I am planning (and will start coding in a few days) for a corporate
project is to require users to authenticate to a web server to create their
new account. So their existing credentials (web server account, RADIUS
login, NT domain, etc) can be used once to create a new jabber account.

My goal is a CGI script that collects existing biographical data from our
LDAP server, allow the user to complete missing fields and choose a password,
then pushes the new jabber account and JUD entry to the jabber server.

This could involve uploading the appropriate XML files to the 'spool'
directory on the server or simply adding the appropriate records to Jabber's
area of the LDAP tree.

Much of my design is specific to our unusual needs, but the basic model
could be useful for your purposes.

Kevin Kadow
MSG.Net, Inc.

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