[jadmin] JUD/spool directory Question

Kevin Hollenshead Kevin.C.Hollenshead at mail.sprint.com
Thu Mar 29 14:47:04 CST 2001

In looking into other issues on my Jabber server (thanks temas!), I noticed that the directory under the spool directory for my server is called "jabber.dev.sprint.com" whereas the JUD subdirectory is simply "jud".  Is this any big deal? The JUD service
seems to be working fine, other than an occasional hanging from the client side on a query.  I only ask because if I wanted to run multiple server instances (under different DNS names) I'm not sure if this would be a problem or not.  I do have a DNS alias
setup to resolve my JUD server name (jud.dev.sprint.com) to the same box.

Relevant sections of my jabber.xml follow:

<service type="jud" jid="jud.dev.sprint.com" name="Jabber User Directory">

<service id="jud">
   <jud xmlns="jabber:config:jud">
       <FN>Jabber User Directory</FN>
       <DESC>Simple user directory service for Jabber users.</DESC>

Kevin Hollenshead
texasaggie at jabber.com
texasaggie at jabber.org

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