[jadmin] Multi-homed Jabber server

Tom C tomc at ikano.com
Thu Mar 29 16:08:15 CST 2001

I am setting up a single jabber server to look like many independant jabber
servers.  If I add the <host> section in the jabber.xml multiple times, it
works fine.  A problem with this though, is that someone can request a vCard
and they get the same vCard from the server.  Is there a way to have a vCard
for each "virtual" server?

This presents another question: how can I do the same thing with multiple
conference servers, user directories, and transports? (ie: a "virtual" yahoo
transport, one, for example, for yahoo.jabber.test1.com, and another for

I've looked through a lot of documentation, and have been unable to find any
kind of information about this.

Thanks in advance!!!!

-Thomas Campbell

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