[jadmin] Jabber server capability and scalability issues

Your Kiss Monster mymkm at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 31 11:10:38 CST 2001

Hi there,
I am interested in setting up an IM service, but I am afraid of [in fact 
dreaming of it :)] it to be a success.
I have been reading about Jabber technology for a few days, but I am not 
very clear about the scalability of it.

My plans are as follows:

1) I will setup a Jabber server. (a standard version something like ver1.4)
2) I write a Jabber client which will be able to connect to it or to any 
other Jabber server.
3) At first I will have few users, but if it becomes a success, I may have 
something like 100.000 users registered to my Jabber service.

Then, what I want to know are:

1) So will my Jabber server be able to handle that many users? (let's say 
10.000 concurrent users)
Since each user has an established connection to the server, even if his 
status is set to Away, he'll occupy resources from my server. (Which I have 
read the in non-modified linux kernels, a max. of 1024 socket connections)

2) Is it possible to use multiple servers in the following way?

My Jabber service will be something like   jabber at mydomain.com
All my users will be registered to this domain, but I want to use multiple 
servers to balance the load.
I don't want anything like having 
jabber1 at mydomain.com,jabber2 at mydomain.com.... jabbern at mydomain.com,
each server having their own registered users. All the servers should use 
the same place for authentication and registration.
(If the above is possible, also what about Transport services to the other 
IMs, can those be handled too?)

3) Is it possible to make queris to the Jabber server like you do in ICQ. 
Get me a list of all[online] users on this[other] server, who are above 26 
years old, speak German and live in NewYork?
And also, is it possible to submit such a query to ICQ (or to other IM 
services) over the jabber server?

These two are my major considerations.
I hope these two issues are handled by the current server, because I am 
dying to start writing my own Jabber client.
I will be very pleased, if anyone can reply at least with yes or no for my 
above thoughts.
Thanks in advance,
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