[jadmin] Transports and Clients issues

Serge Bianda serge.bianda at sercacon.com
Mon Feb 4 11:26:04 CST 2002

Hello List:
I have three problems, and would like to know is anyone knows the solution:
Problem 1:
I am having a problem with my gateways. There is only the password field and
a link to create a username from the website of the gateway (AOL, msn,
yahoo) but there is no field provided for the username, any idea why? I
typed in my password (the one from AOL) and I get a pop up message  saying
that AIM Transport has been added to your roster (what is this anyway), but
yet there is no AIM Transport Group created on my main screen. It does it
for all the gateways (no username field), just the password and a link to
create an account.
Problem 2:
I am also having problems with my IM User Directory service. It has three
fields (password, name, and  email) with the register and unregister
commands. When I enter the appropriate information, click on  "register", it
tells me that the contacts has been added to the IM User Directory, when I
run a search (find), I get no information just a message on the result side
on the screen saying: "The Jabber server responded a problem: Not Found".
Problem 3:
This one is about creating a room. I tried to create a room with a template
fill out all the necessary info, and when I click on "Create", it tells me
that " the room you are trying to join does not exist", but I want to create
the room, why is it giving me an error message related to joining? any idea.
When I check the error.log I see this message here:
20020116T16:44:54: [warn] (msg.sercacon.com): xdb_file failed to open file
/usr/local/jabber/spool/msg.sercacon.com/myroom.xml: No such
file or directory

The myroom.xml is actually the room I am trying to create, but I'm wondering
why is xdb_file looking for it while it's in the process of being "created"?

P.S. I'm running server 1.4.1


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