[jadmin] 1.4.1 server error - truncating messages when stored offline

John Reinke John.M.Reinke at mail.sprint.com
Mon Feb 4 14:22:23 CST 2002


This might be related to the problem I had with messages truncated after
quotes and other characters a little while back. It had to do with gcc
for Solaris (I'm guessing you are running on a Sun box). I had the
problem with conferencing, but I've not done much with stored messages,

Try the solution suggested here and see how it works:


If that solves it, I have been informed that this was fixed in version


On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 12:29, Kevin.C.Hollenshead at mail.sprint.com wrote:
> Here's a server error I've seen in 1.4.1 (running JUD 0.4 and conference 0.4.1).  I was just able to reproduce it and by checking the debug XML from the JabberIM client, I'm pretty sure it's an offline message storage problem.  I wanted to report them to
> see if it's been fixed for 1.4.2.  I'm working on getting a sandbox together with two 1.4.2-test2 servers so I can test but it may be a while before I can get there.
> The problem deals with single quotes and offline storage of messages.  I've seen symptoms of this problem before but when I setup a second server here, someone noticed it and I was able to get a simple, reproducible test case.  I have two users, one on
> each server, each with the other in his list, and I send a simple message with a single quote in it.  The quote is escaped correctly (') in the message, but when stored in the offline storage for later delivery, the message is truncated at the single
> quote (see stored message below).  When this message is sent while the receiver is online, it is received correctly with the single quotes properly escaped (again, with an ').
> Anybody know if this has been fixed in 1.4.2 or if a patch exists for 1.4.1?
> Thanks,
> Kevin Hollenshead
> Sprint
> Jabber: texasaggie at jabber.com/jabber.org

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