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Hello Nathan,

I was able to solve this problem in ldapauth, by not avoiding saving the
passwords in the user.xml altogether. Creating a duplicate of this vital
data didn't seem a good idea to me at all. But in your case, you need to
clean up all the old user.xml files. :(


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> So my brief honeymoon with ldapauth came to a sudden end today.
> The situation: ldapauth2 is used to authenticate our jabber
> connections against our Microsoft Exchange Server.
> The problem: when a user first registers an account on the jabber
> servers, the user.xml spool file created stores the user's password in
> cleartext, e.g.:
> 	<xdb><password xdbns='jabber:iq:auth'>password</password>
> This is fine...until the user's password expires on the NT Domain (and
> thus the Exchange server), at which point the password in the spool
> file is no longer in sync with the LDAP password.  At that point, the
> user is caught in a catch-22: if he tries to log in with his new
> password, jabber rejects it out of hand, since it doesn't match what's
> in the spool file.  However, if he logs in using his old password,
> ldapauth uses the password stored in the spool file to attempt to bind
> to the ldap server, which of course also fails.
> This strikes me as very poor behavior, since the only way to avoid
> this situation would be to manually change the jabber password before
> one changed the ldap password, which is not possible in the case of a
> user being prompted to change their password on login.
> Is there any way to configure ldapauth to _completely_ ignore the
> password as stored in the spool file?
> -n
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