[jadmin] emoticons?

kuba troszok troszok at medialogic.it
Thu Feb 7 08:00:48 CST 2002

Rodrigo Roman wrote:

> Is ponyExpress based on colinjab ?

No PonyExpress is based on our own codebase.
If i remember well colinjab is written in VB
while we did everything in C++/QT. Using
QT library from Trolltech we gained a nice
and easy porting to Linux/MacOS :).
Unfortunatelly PonyExpress is
closed source, as you can see we made this client
for another company. Since it's release
we're working in parallel on another version
that will have similar functionalities as the one
before plus some outstadning features
that i hope you will know very soon - final
version is planned at the end of february.

---kuba troszok
troszok at medialogic.it

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