[jadmin] emoticons?

shewman shewman at aziza.net
Thu Feb 7 08:40:17 CST 2002

Hi Kuba ,

Thanks, your client looks good.

How does the Jabber server the emoticon/icons? Or does your client just do a
search and replace on the text representation?

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Patrick Nelson wrote:

> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
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> -Sure, just type the right text... :-)
> -
> -AFAIK, there are no emoticon *images* in any existing Jabber clients, but
> -I might be wrong about that.
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PonyExpress the jabber client
that we have developed does have emoticons.
on http://www.medialogic.it you've got some
screenshots and the list of the features of
our client.

---kuba troszok
troszok at medialogic.it

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