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tyrone thomas tmt at breakthroughtek.com
Thu Feb 7 12:01:12 CST 2002

hello i am new to the list and i have set up my jabber server.  i based my jabber.xml on the single.xml example provided on the saint-andre site.  i am still awaiting the additional domain names to go live however the base domain for the server is up and live.  my problem is that when i try to start the server in debug mode, i get an error processing jabber.xml message.  is this due to the lack of the conference, users etc domains not being available yet?

any help would be appreciated. if an experienced jabber admin was interested i would be willing to contract his/her services to handle getting the server up and running with the transports visible on the web.  there would be no need to come on site as i have telnet and ftp access established.

thanks in advance.
tyrone thomas

tyrone m thomas
breakthrough technologies/musicorgy.com
tmt at breakthroughtek.com
dreadstar_2000 at yahoo.com
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