[jadmin] Two More Questions

Derek Balling dredd at megacity.org
Thu Feb 7 12:19:52 CST 2002

1.) So I'm setting up conferencing for our users, public and private.

When a Jabber Instant Messenger client user goes to "Rooms", "Find 
Room", and selects say "Public Rooms" (or, if they select 
"publicconference.jabber.OURDOMAIN.COM"), they get a message in the 
right hand window saying "The jabber server reported a problem: Not 
Implemented".  Rooms ARE implemented, and I can chat happily with 
co-workers, but I don't seem to be able to "browse" the existing 

2.) Is it safe to assume (as I have, for now) that for every jid I 
use (in our case "conference.jabber.MYDOMAIN" and 
"publicconference.jabber.MYDOMAIN") that we need to have an A record 
set up for each of these? It seems like that's the case (from what 
I've read in other places), but those conference features worked 
(except as noted above) before I put those A records in place, so I 
figured I'd better check as to whether they're really needed or not. 


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