[jadmin] MSN Transport Registration Problem

Mike Forrester mikef at dimensional.com
Thu Feb 7 17:03:07 CST 2002

1)  Your MSN Tranpsort problems may be due to your password.  One of our 
users reported having problems logging in using a password that contained 
special (not sure which ones).  He could log in just fine with the actual 
client, but not with the transport.  We are in the process of investigating 
further and will provide more info once we have details.

2)  We too are running on OpenBSD 3.0 (using the 1.4.2-test2 source) and I 
have set everything to run as a seperate process and user.  I can post our 
xml files once I clean them up if you're interested.  I am in the process of 
writing startup scripts with error detection and will create packages once 
finished with the startup scripts.

Glad to help with any other problems if I can,

On Wednesday 06 February 2002 20:58, you wrote:
> Hi. I am running Jabber Server 1.4 on OpenBSD 3.0 and am having an
> odd(?) problem. I installed the Jabber server and got it running fine.
> Then I compiled the MSN Transport 1.1 and added the necessary lines into
> jabber.xml. I can connect fine with WinJab 1.1 and I see the MSN
> Transport listed under agents. When I try to register with the MSN
> Transport the wizard comes up fine, but when I type in my username,
> password, and nickname and hit next the wizard "freezes". I can cancel
> and WinJab has an error message stating that the agent isn't responding.
> I have spent a few days troubleshooting and running jabber in  debug
> mode and have tried a few solutions. I attempted to use the newest
> version of MSN Transport from CVS. No real change, but better debug
> messages. I noticed under that version that although I have a directory
> under spool called "jabber.bob.com", I didn't have one called
> "msn.jabber.bob.com" so I added that one, nothing improved. I think it
> may have something to do with an inability to check against the official
> MSN server to validate the login info. I'd greatly appreciate any help
> in solving this.
> Also, a small side issue. Can someone explain to me (or point me in the
> right direction) on how you run the transports as separate processes
> from Jabber. I made the msntrans.xml and modified jabber.xml as the MSN
> Transport README says, but it didn't seem to work.
> Thanks a bunch!
> Sean
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