[jadmin] MSN Transport Registration Problem

Sean P. Kane spkane at san.rr.com
Sat Feb 9 13:13:27 CST 2002


I would be very interested in seeing your XML files when you get them
cleaned up. My password is only alpha-numeric and I'm typing my username
was username at hotmail.com. I have a feeling from the logs that the
transport might be failing to connect to the MSN server. Now that I
think of it, does anyone have any idea why I can ping update.jabber.org,
but all update requests fail saying they can't connect?


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Message: 1
From: Mike Forrester <mikef at dimensional.com>
To: jadmin at jabber.org
Subject: Re: [jadmin] MSN Transport Registration Problem
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 16:03:07 -0700
Reply-To: jadmin at jabber.org

1)  Your MSN Tranpsort problems may be due to your password.  One of our

users reported having problems logging in using a password that
special (not sure which ones).  He could log in just fine with the
client, but not with the transport.  We are in the process of
further and will provide more info once we have details.

2)  We too are running on OpenBSD 3.0 (using the 1.4.2-test2 source) and
have set everything to run as a seperate process and user.  I can post
xml files once I clean them up if you're interested.  I am in the
process of 
writing startup scripts with error detection and will create packages
finished with the startup scripts.

Glad to help with any other problems if I can,

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