[jadmin] 1.4.2 server and Msn-transport 1.1 problems

Shawn Bakker sbakker at tscnet.com
Sun Feb 10 18:44:32 CST 2002

	Has anyone gotten the 1.4.2 server to use the MSN-transport version 1.1? I 
have a working server using 1.4.1 with ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo all working fine. As soon 
as I swap out the 1.4.2 jabberd binary the msn-transport stops working.

	I have done a little snooping with ethereal and noticed that the transport tries to 
talk to the msn servers, but it is sending empty packets and recieving empty acks from 
the msn server.  I am currently back to using 1.4.1 since all the transports work with it but 
I would like to upgrade to 1.4.2.

Any ideas??


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