[jadmin] Odd Problem with JIM

Matthias Wimmer jabber at matthias-wimmer.de
Mon Feb 11 15:55:23 CST 2002


I think the problem is that JIM is using an other definition of vCards.
The vCards e.g. Gabber uses are enclosed in a <vCard>-Element.

Tot kijk

Guy Thibodeau schrieb am 2002-02-11 10:33:20:
>     Has anybody experienced this?  I can view everyone elses profile
> info except mine, and everyone else can view mine but can't view their
> own.  The edit profile dialog pops up when we start JIM and appears
> empty, as it also does when we select 'Edit/User Profile' from within
> JIM.  If I fill out my profile info it is saved in my user.xml file but
> it is not redisplayed once written.  I have looked at the XML traffic in
> JIM using the debug window 'CNTL+ALT+numberpad MINUS' and it shows the
> v-card info being retrieved from the server it's just not redisplayed.
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